About US

Heartland Airshows is a professional airshow development and consulting group. We specialize in small venue and first time events with a primary emphasis on flight operations. We at Heartland Airshows can take your vision of an airshow at your airport literally from concept to after-action-report.


Do you have an annual fly-in and want to take it to the next level? We can help you do that. We’ve done it before.


Have you ever wanted to see an airshow at your home airport but really were not sure or confident to take the first step to make it happen? We can help you do that. We’ve done it before.


Do you currently have a 1-2 act demo at your mini airshow or fly-in and are looking to expand to 4-6 acts, or even 10-12 acts? We can help you do that. We’ve done that before too.


Did you have airshows at your airport long ago and are wanting to start it back up again? We can help you do that. We want to do that! And we’ve done that too.


We are also your Professional Airshow Announcers. Check out our team


With more than 20 years of airshow and airboss experience including shows with J-3 Cubs and Citabria’s… to the Blues, the T-Birds, the Golden Knights and all the military Tactical Demonstration Teams, Heartland Airshows can help you make your airshow a success.


We will handle all the paperwork required by the FAA.


We will help design your ramp layout for static displays, spectator areas, and the hot pit for performer staging. We will help layout the show line for the appropriate category of aircraft authorized to perform. We will conduct the required pilot safety briefing and then direct all flight operations during the time the waiver is in effect.


And to help make it even easier, we also have a catalog of performers that we have worked with and others that are available to perform at virtually any sized airshow with virtually any sized budget. You can work directly with the performers or we can do all that for you and then you only have to write one check instead of dozens. 


Heartland Airshows will help you pick the lineup that will best fit your needs, wants, requirements and of course, budget. We will also help advise and consult with you in other areas such as a theme for your show, marketing, fund raising, sponsorships, V.I.P.’s, advertising, etc., as well as meeting and briefing with your EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement.


Go take a peek at our new “Facebook Page” also and see some of the folks we work with. Scroll through our page to see us in action at some of the shows we’ve done over the past few years… even some pictures of me with no grey hair (not that I have that much now).


Heartland Airshows also has on its staff one of maybe only two female airshow announcers in the industry. Erin does an outstanding job! And yes, Erin “Fifi” and I are both pilots, and yes, we love airshows.